Social justice and its appropriation

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Michelle Doyle Wildman

Thank you Flo and Liza. Brilliant presentations.

Flo Bremner

Thank you Michelle!

Liza Caruana-Finkel

Thank you Michelle

Shardia Briscoe-Palmer

Good Morning Flo and Liza, thank you both for such insightful presentations. Flo, it was interesting to hear how your interest in this topic came about and that you have similar experiences of your postgraduate experiences influencing your doctoral research. Q1.The choice to select the periods before and after the death of George Floyd as an area to conduct your analysis was a good choice for this topic and evidently is already providing you with some rich data for discussion. Do you have any intention to analyse other racialised social narratives during this period, which could add to or enhance… Read more »

Last edited 10 months ago by Shardia Briscoe-Palmer
Flo Bremner

Hi Shardia – thanks for the questions! Q1-2: I’ve definitely considered other racialised social narratives like Covid – the main issue is trying to incorporate it into the comparative time frame I’ve tried to limit myself to. In terms of other reality tv shows, other researchers have done work on other (mostly American) reality TV shows and found similar things to what I am seeing so far in the Bachelor (when race and racism are mentioned it’s usually in very limited bounds (e.g. part of a dramatic interpersonal conflict) and they are portrayed as politically unimportant, even when the show… Read more »

Liza Caruana-Finkel

Thank you Shardia

Leah Rea

Hi Flo, thank you for your brilliant presentation. Your findings are very interesting and definitely produce data to support your theory re colourblindness. I would be interested to know if you would consider undertaking data collection and analysis of comments under the online versions of the articles examined to determine the impact of the article with the readership and if views etc are changed or not? Many thanks.

Flo Bremner

Hi Leah – thank you! I think this is a great idea and I’ve thought about trying to include audience reactions more in my research. One practical problem that came up is that the place I sourced all the newspaper articles (Nexis) doesn’t include comments, so it would be a case of manually looking up each article and getting at the comments that way. I think I’d also need to think more about what I could expect to find out from the comments – Who tends to write them? Is it a representative sample of the readership? What if it’s… Read more »

Leah Rea

Liza, thank you so much for your presentation! Your recognition and reflection of your dual identities as an activist and also as a researcher really resonated with me: I too have experience as an activist within human rights issues such as abortion reform in Northern Ireland as well as a researcher of human rights issues; it is an issue I find myself reflecting upon. I appreciated your acknowledgement of how a researcher undertaking research into an issue perceived as contentious can endure stigma; I am undertaking for my PhD project research into a rights issue considered contentious in Northern Ireland,… Read more »

Liza Caruana-Finkel

Thank you for your comments Leah. I see there are some parallels in our identities and also work!   For the empirical part of the project, I intend to recruit women from the Maltese general public – particularly those in the ‘movable middle’ – for a focus group/workshop programme, together with questionnaires and interviews.   What I am interested in is how abortion stigma is framed and experienced in the Maltese context, whether it is possible to challenge and transform abortion stigma through the programme mentioned above, and whether knowledge on abortion produces positive attitudes towards abortion.   To answer… Read more »

Manjeet Ramgotra

Thanks for your presentation Flo! It is really interesting to hear how language and discourse shift after key events. It is interesting that your analysis looks at how racism is an evaluative term that sets mainstream values and how racism operates structurally and insidiously. Will your study also look at a genealogy of the term and develop conceptual analysis or focus mainly on how the term is deployed in the media to shed light on how it operates within society, in social relations and structurally?

Flo Bremner

Thank you Manjeet! I wasn’t planning on going too much into the genealogy of the term (although this will of course come up in my literature review) because while this kind of conceptual work is clearly important, I wanted to focus on how things are in the world now and how we might change them, so that my contribution could (hopefully) be more practical than theoretical.

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