Pandemic politics

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Tamiris Cristhina Resende da Silva

Hello everyone! It is a pleasure to attend the Conference once again. I am looking forward to read your comments. =)

Marco Antonio Catussi Paschoalotto

Congratulations to the RAM 2021 Conference. I really enjoyed the model. It is also a pleasure to have our paper discussed. We look forward to the comments.

Gabriele Pinto

Dear Presenters, thanks for your presentation. I appreciate very much the fact that your work is the combination of three “local” perspectives with three authors having direct experience of the contexts. I think this gives value to the research project.   As for the content of the presentation, I am wondering if you could add more on the differences between the policy responses with quantitative and temporal measures (for instance you could look at the OxfordGovernmentResponseTracker).   Have these responses differentiated in terms of time to adoption?   Also, I am wondering how you take into account the feasibility of… Read more »

Leah Rea

Thank you all for your presentation and the comparative analysis of policy responses in Brazil, Ghana, and India. It was very interesting. I would welcome your thoughts on the role of legislatures in each respective state in approving or criticising the policy measures you have noted within your presentation, and their ongoing role in scrutinising federal Governments’ policy directions during the pandemic. Thank you.

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