Far-right rhetoric online

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Georgios Samaras

Dear Liam, Thank you for the extremely helpful feedback – deeply appreciate your comments and approach here. First of all, to answer your question about the structure of YouTube – it is true that the many-to-many definition does not directly apply to all its functions as in many cases communication can be highly asymmetrical. Although new definitions apply to YouTube, I wanted to clarify in more general terms what social media offer in terms of communication. With that said, I will certainly have a more thorough look at modern definitions for my future work. Your second question is basically the… Read more »

Micaela Musacchio Strigone

For Georgios Samaras Hi Georgios, thank you for your very interesting presentation. I really enjoyed watching the presentation and learning more about Golden Dawns. I found your qualitative approach to map the online presence of the party and its leaders very interesting. I also appreciated the clarity and efficacy of your presentation.  I have just two questions/comments I would like to ask you. The first regards the adoption of the ideational approach to populism. I wonder why. Being golden dawn a fully-fledge extremist organisation and you say yourself that they oppose democracy, I would have expected you identify the group… Read more »

Georgios Samaras

Thank you Micaela – I really appreciate the comments. In regards to the first question, that is an extremely interesting point that I have addressed in my research, but not fully in this paper . Golden Dawn’s anti-elitist messaging generally separates established elites (Greek or European) from the pure people, but in a more “aggressive” way. Populism is a thin-centered ideology (or style), and it can be combined effectively with other ideologies. With that being said, extremism here attempts to destabilise the political system, but this does not really stop the party from adopting the usual populist narrative which in… Read more »

Micaela Musacchio Strigone

Hi Georgios,

Thank you very much for your clarifications!
Congratulations again for this awesome project and good lick with your work. I’m really looking forward to read more about it 🙂

Ellen Watts

Another fantastic panel! Thanks to all of you for your contributions. A quick question for Meghan – really looking forward to seeing further results of your research in future and curious over what content you ultimately choose for discourse analysis. I feel like in the broader discussion of radical or reactionary online content, YouTube is not talked about so much and I really feel like I don’t know a lot about how YouTube differs from other platforms in this regard. As someone whose YouTube recommendations are all snark and snacks, could you tell me a bit more about what kinds… Read more »

Ellen Watts

I also have a question for Renáta. I really enjoyed your talk, and never thought I would write the sentence ‘Orbán’s pickled cucumbers got a lot of attention’! I have thought a lot about this connection between meat and (perceptions and performance of) masculinity, but never done any reading or research on it, so I was really interested to hear that this is an important thing in your work. Would you recommend any particular readings on this topic? And also do you think that this connection takes a particular form in Hungary, that might be different to other countries (for… Read more »

Fraser McMillan

Comment for Meghan Thanks for this fascinating presentation. As both a political scientist and someone who consumes political content on YouTube I’m always very interested to see research into the platform’s dynamics and I look forward to seeing more of your findings! You make a great point about the focus on the algorithm – it’s often presented as the sole reason people fall down the rabbit hole and I think that perspective overlooks the agency of content creators and viewers. I’m convinced that politically-minded creators on YouTube and Twitch have a reach and influence that would put most political parties… Read more »

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