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Fabio Ashtar Telarico

I would like to compliment Dr. Nevradakis for his excellent presentation on a very interesting topic such as that of political influence on the media, in general, and online media in particular.

I find it intrigating that many online Greek media do not distinguish themselves much from their offline counterparts despite their popularity. Is there any suggestion in the literature as to whether this is a peculiar feature of Mediterranean media landscapes or a wider phenomenon?

Christopher Huggins

Hello Fabio. Thank you for your presentation and paper, which I enjoyed watching and reading. This was a fascinating overview of judicial reforms in Bulgaria, centred primarily around the role of the Chief Prosecutor. This is not a case I am not immediately familiar with and I suspect is a case which is often overlooked in a range of studies on central and eastern European politics, on the politics of the rule of law and the role of institutions (such as the European Commission of ECHR) in intervening where there are deficiencies. Therefore I learned something new from your presentation.… Read more »

Fabio Ashtar Telarico

Hi Chris. I really appreciated your in-depth comment, thank you for that. I will try to keep my remarks short and answer directly to the points you raised. 1. I see your point. Especially, in light of the latest – and, indeed, still ongoing – shift in the EU’s rhetoric about Bulgaria. In fact, until recently, the EU has kept Bulgaria’s case rather distinct from that of Hungary and Poland. After all, elections in the country are hotly contested and there are clear chances of the (quite) illiberal party of power being ousted. Moreover, I wanted to produce an analysis… Read more »

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